With Grantham’s 250th Anniversary here, it’s time to celebrate with a Scavenger Hunt!

Let’s cut to the chase: The Scavenger Hunt is a photo scavenger hunt, aiming to get you to explore and take photos of some of Grantham’s unique sites and resources. Complete the hunt and win a prize: a 1″ enamel pin of the Grantham Town Seal!

So, without further ado:


Pins given out!

So far, 12 pins have been awarded! June was hot and humid, so a lot of folks didn’t really get out as much as we hoped, so we’re extending the contest until Labor Day (or we run out of pins). Get exploring!

Old Home Day is Here!

Old Home Day is Here! Bring your photo albums to the Conservation Commission table under the tent at Old Home Day to receive your pins and see what you may have missed. We’ve got a map with pins for all the locations! Don’t have 30 points? Don’t worry, we’ve lowered the requirements for pins to …


The Great Grantham Scavenger Hunt is brought to you by a combination of the Grantham Conservation Commission and the Grantham Historical Society as part of Grantham’s 250th Anniversary Celebration.


We’ve even got prizes (while supplies last)! Get at least 30 points and email use, and you’ll receive a 250th Anniversary Grantham commemorative 1″ enamel pin!


Questions? Concerns? Need a hint? Contact us at puzzle@granthamscavengerhunt.com !